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To All the Shoes I’ve Loved Before

To All the Shoes I’ve Loved Before

For once, this post is not about writing. It is not metaphorical, philosophical, or prescriptive. No, this post is just a story. A story about true love. The kind that lasts forever. It starts with a glance, ignites with a cautious touch. A furtive experimentation, followed by a gasp of excitement. “It fits!” Then, “Oh … Continue reading

Why WHIPLASH was a Better BDSM Flick than FIFTY SHADES

There’s been a lot of online discussion lately–and I use the term “discussion” very loosely here–about the recent FSOG release–*snigger*–and whether or not it’s a steamy chick flick with a dark side, or a PSA for the understated pleasures of domestic abuse. Camps on all sides are adamant, and verbose, in their arguments supporting the “rightness”/”wrongness” of … Continue reading

YAY!!! …Wait.

I saw this today while I was updating my personal Goodreads profile, and I was like “OMG I’m in the top FIVE!!?” And THEN I looked at the top part and I was all, “Oh. That’s only for reviewers posting from the tiny tropical island I live on. Riiiiiight.” (Fail.) This, children, is why it’s important … Continue reading

V’s Snippet of the Week – #8: SLUSH PILE HELL

This killed me. I’m not trying to encourage disparaging aspiring writers or anything…but if you’re having a bad day? Sometimes it does help to realize someone else’s is much, much worse. Brought to you by the anonymously hilarious agent behind SlushPile Hell.

V Reviews, in Under 20: WARM BODIES

Hey guys! Welcome to my new (sometimes) Sunday Blog Series, V Reviews Books and/or Movies in 20 Words or Less. (The title is a little unwieldy. I’ll work on that.) Enjoy!    WARM BODIES review, by V: Expected nothing from the book. Expected little from the movie. Was pleasantly surprised by both. Brains.

Confession # 226: To Tic or Not To Tic

  When I was nine, there was a kid in my class who had a severe facial tic. It looked like he was winking at you, all the time, for no apparent reason. Due to my firm and youthful belief in the parental phrase, “Stop making that face or it’ll get stuck that way,” I … Continue reading