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On Women

“I know how to take care of myself,” she said. They assumed she meant that she could harm someone who was trying to harm her, and that was true. But it also meant that she knew how to buy herself flowers when she was feeling like the world was devoid of beauty. She also knew … Continue reading

Pop Quiz: Are You Oppressed?

op·pres·sion /əˈpreSHən/ noun noun: oppression; plural noun: oppressions prolonged cruel or unjust treatment or control. “a region shattered by oppression and killing” synonyms: persecution, abuse, maltreatment, ill-treatment, tyranny, despotism, repression, suppression, subjection, subjugation; More antonyms: freedom, democracy the state of being subject to unjust treatment or control. synonyms: persecution, abuse, maltreatment, ill-treatment, tyranny, despotism, repression, … Continue reading

Am I Entitled? (Hint: The Answer is Yes.)

  Entitlement is a funny thing. Hard to recognize, especially in ourselves. Difficult to escape. It’s not just a mindset we develop during our best times. Not only a set of behaviors adopted out of carelessness. For some, it’s like a religion, or an inheritance. A way of life passed down from father to son. … Continue reading

On Life: Advocating for the Devil, 101

***Disclaimer: If you’re super religious and/or don’t like having your beliefs questioned, you may want to steer clear of this one.*** When I was a junior in college, I took a class in professional arguing. (Well, okay, technically it was Advanced Negotiation, but arguing is more fun to say.) One of the most useful things … Continue reading

“Make a Nursery Rhyme Emo” Monday

The Horizontal Ceiling by Veronica Park I’ve hit the wall, the dead end The junction of nowhere and everything It’s too late to change or replace And I don’t feel safe enough to stay But I can’t leave Because I have nowhere to go I feel the fear, the clutching need To leave this place … Continue reading

A Public Apology to Hemingway (Sort Of)

A Public Apology to Hemingway (Sort Of)

One of the questions I get asked most often, by those who read my blog, is: “Veronica, why in the H do you hate Hemingway so much?” The answer to this question is as complex as my love of awkwardness. I hate him because I respect him. Also, because I feel like he probably never … Continue reading

Christmas the Island Way

Sorry I haven’t blogged in a few days, friends. I promise I’ll have many exciting things to report in the New Year, including a thrilling new WIP. In the meantime, here’s what my Christmas looks like: (Also this:)

I’ll See Your Reason and Raise You a Rhyme

There once was a girl with potential, Who struggled with things existential. She wrote down her thoughts, In scribbles and blots, While wondering, “Have I gone quite mental?” THE END   (This message brought to you by: Monday.)

Martini Marcus: Cougar Whisperer

*Marcus wasn’t much to look at, especially where cruise ship bartenders are concerned. In fact, the first time I met him I think my inner monologue was something along the lines of “Gaaah! I didn’t see you there. How did you sneak so close to me, Stalky McRaperton!?” But in spite of being a rather … Continue reading

A Job’s Eulogy

Here lies P.R. Job. We never saw it coming; it was quite sudden. One day, it was fresh and new, full of promise. The next, it was dead. Like a newborn kitten with distemper, all rowdy and playful until suddenly it chokes and dies in your lap a week before Christmas. (But that’s another story, … Continue reading

Frankenstein with a Thesaurus

It’s amazing how many people don’t appreciate wit. And not just nonplussed by a well-timed observation or a snappy rejoinder or a clever comment. Like, zero tolerance for a smart mouth. None-zo. When it comes to movies, people expect zingy one-liners. They roll their eyes over cliched professions of sincerity, and voice their desire for … Continue reading


I’ve been deathly I’ll for almost three days now. Once, my family took a cruise for Christmas vacation. I was sick then, too. This is the first time I’ve gone downhill, health-wise, since signing on. Which leads me to believe that it’s the holidays, not the stress or the weather or the germs, that make … Continue reading

It’s a Port Party!

It’ll be thanksgiving soon and I can’t tell the difference between days of the week. I’m covered in mosquito bites and my farmer’s tan has never been darker. Are you jealous yet?