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On Women

“I know how to take care of myself,” she said. They assumed she meant that she could harm someone who was trying to harm her, and that was true. But it also meant that she knew how to buy herself flowers when she was feeling like the world was devoid of beauty. She also knew … Continue reading

V’s Snippet of the Week – #12: WATCH YOURSELF

Dear fellow writers, fellow career seekers, and actually… hell, just fellow human beings in general, Today’s snippet centers around a universal truth I have learned. As great as it is to have a supportive network of friends, or a wonderful spouse, or a great agent/editor/lawyer, government representative…whatever, Self-Advocacy is THE MOST IMPORTANT skill you should cultivate if … Continue reading

V’s Snippet of the Week – #9: CHILI, DUDE

I’ve been sick this week, and also craving my dad’s homemade chili like a mother**ker. Hence, today’s snippet is brought to you by one of my favorite guilty pleasure sites, Thug Kitchen: (Sorry for the swearing.) Here’s a link to the original article.

V’s Snippet of the Week – #8: SLUSH PILE HELL

This killed me. I’m not trying to encourage disparaging aspiring writers or anything…but if you’re having a bad day? Sometimes it does help to realize someone else’s is much, much worse. Brought to you by the anonymously hilarious agent behind SlushPile Hell.

V’s Snippet of the Week – #1: THE IMPORTANT THINGS

In an effort to be less wordy and blog more often, I’m going to try something new. I like to think of it as a snapshot with a journalistic twist. (Basically, pertinent or entertaining information that catches my attention. But I only share a small part of it, like a photographer focusing one tiny detail in a vast landscape.) It’s called the … Continue reading