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On Marketing: No Such Thing as “Bad Press”?

  Ever heard that saying? No? Yes, you have. (Liar.) “There’s no such thing as BAD PRESS,” they said. “Oh, yes there is!” you scoffed. “Like, remember the time when Miley Cyrus donned a Trojan bikini and gyrated on that Beetlejuice guy at the VMA’s or whatever, and it totally destroyed her career?” Except, wait…no … Continue reading

Introducing…The Spring 2014 “NanoRedo” Showcase!

Dear Writer Friends, You may have noticed of late that my blog is slightly balding. This is not due to apathy, but is an unfortunate side-effect of my multi-career hubris and its accompanying workload. Also, I’m kind of missing the awesomeness and joy that was brought on by my last series, “When Writers Go Wrong.” Therefore, I … Continue reading