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On Selling Yourself

Lately, I’ve been stuck in this sort of purgatory between my current life/career and the life/career that I will (hopefully) have a year from now. I feel like there’s this sort of marshy, uncertain territory that lies between where you are and where (or what) you want to be when you “grow up.” For some, it’s fame and fortune. … Continue reading

A Lesson on Character

Yesterday I was having an e-mail conversation with my dear writer-friend when she mentioned feeling that her characters were “run of the mill” or one-dimensional, whereas mine seemed more “real” or complex. Faced with such flattery, I had to admit to her that I am a big fat cheater. Because I don’t create my characters out of thin air. … Continue reading

It’s Over. Now What?

***This post has been resurrected from two years ago. Now, I feel as though I can apply it to my college education with little or no shame. When I someday sit down and write the story of my life, it will be merely the highlights–the parts that I remember, that have stood out in some … Continue reading

[Insert Byline Here]

Here is my current predicament: I have too much creativity, too little direction, and far too many other things to do with my time. I recently began my second to last semester of school, into which I have to cram the last ten or so GE’s, major requirements, internship credits, and enough food service work … Continue reading