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On Being a “Show-Off”

On Being a “Show-Off”

Twice in the last week, I’ve been called a show-off. This is nothing new for me, but it really ticks me off. Especially now, with all that’s happening. Let me tell you why. Even before I started school, I loved to read. Books were my only friends, for a long time. I was a weird … Continue reading

On Women

“I know how to take care of myself,” she said. They assumed she meant that she could harm someone who was trying to harm her, and that was true. But it also meant that she knew how to buy herself flowers when she was feeling like the world was devoid of beauty. She also knew … Continue reading

On Life: Advocating for the Devil, 101

***Disclaimer: If you’re super religious and/or don’t like having your beliefs questioned, you may want to steer clear of this one.*** When I was a junior in college, I took a class in professional arguing. (Well, okay, technically it was Advanced Negotiation, but arguing is more fun to say.) One of the most useful things … Continue reading

“Make a Nursery Rhyme Emo” Monday

The Horizontal Ceiling by Veronica Park I’ve hit the wall, the dead end The junction of nowhere and everything It’s too late to change or replace And I don’t feel safe enough to stay But I can’t leave Because I have nowhere to go I feel the fear, the clutching need To leave this place … Continue reading

To All the Shoes I’ve Loved Before

To All the Shoes I’ve Loved Before

For once, this post is not about writing. It is not metaphorical, philosophical, or prescriptive. No, this post is just a story. A story about true love. The kind that lasts forever. It starts with a glance, ignites with a cautious touch. A furtive experimentation, followed by a gasp of excitement. “It fits!” Then, “Oh … Continue reading

A Public Apology to Hemingway (Sort Of)

A Public Apology to Hemingway (Sort Of)

One of the questions I get asked most often, by those who read my blog, is: “Veronica, why in the H do you hate Hemingway so much?” The answer to this question is as complex as my love of awkwardness. I hate him because I respect him. Also, because I feel like he probably never … Continue reading

Hail Apathy, Fail Democracy

  Dear America, I don’t know your political affiliation, race, religion or gender, and frankly I don’t care. If you’re a human being and you live in this country, I’ll assume that you want (at least to some degree) the three things Americans are famous for wanting: life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Living … Continue reading

On Public Speaking: Killer Clowns and Wedding Toasts

I always love when people quote some variation of the above statistic, because it never ceases to amuse me that anyone could EVER be more terrified of public speaking than they are of zombies, clowns, or the dark. But it’s a truth universally recognized—at least in America—that people are more afraid of giving a presentation in public than … Continue reading

Why WHIPLASH was a Better BDSM Flick than FIFTY SHADES

There’s been a lot of online discussion lately–and I use the term “discussion” very loosely here–about the recent FSOG release–*snigger*–and whether or not it’s a steamy chick flick with a dark side, or a PSA for the understated pleasures of domestic abuse. Camps on all sides are adamant, and verbose, in their arguments supporting the “rightness”/”wrongness” of … Continue reading

“Fear of Falling” by Veronica Park

What do they always say, when you’re climbing high? “Don’t look down.” Why do they say it? Does it really matter? Does it make a difference where you’re looking, as long as you keep moving, keep climbing in the right direction? And what will happen if you ignore the warning, and look down? Will you … Continue reading