Everyone Has Time for a Quickie…Interview: with Rie Warren, author of IN HIS COMMAND

Hold onto your belts, because today I’m coming at you hard and fast with a new interview series inspired by some very sweaty and scintillating subject matter: SEX.

Or, writing about sex. Sexy writing. Writers who know how to write about… I’m gonna stop trying to explain it, before my social awkwardness causes a fire of some kind. Anyway…


Introducing… the Quickie Interview!


V: Please join me in welcoming Rie Warren, the badass, hormone-wrangling author of IN HIS COMMAND, an explosively sexy M/M romp through a chillingly realistic dystopian landscape.

RW: Hey! It’s awesome to be here, talking about…what was the subject again? *Winks* Oh, everyone’s favorite (or maybe that’s just me): S-E-X!

V: YES. Okay, let’s set this sexy scene:

IHC Breathy Wet Warm Naked

V: Dear Lord! *Fans face emphatically* *Makes shifty eyes at readers, whispers* I would post more of these delicious excerpts, but I’m pretty sure some of my mom’s church friends read this blog, and I don’t want any of them to overheat and keel over. (Besides, if you want more you can just go and buy the book, like RIGHT NOW.)

V: (Ahem) So, Rie. Tell us more about Blondie and Cannon, and what makes their attraction so combustible?

RW: Question. Can I swear on here? How clean do I need to keep this?

V: *Laughs Uproariously* I’d say PG13 for now. See above, re: easily shocked church ladies. No offense, mom!

RW: *Adopts sufficiently demure expression, which is difficult since salty dialogue and smoking description comes quite naturally for her* Aside from the fact we’re talking about two MASSIVE, MUSCLED, ‘mmm mmmm’ men who are desperately attracted to each other, there’s that little ‘high stakes’ thing which is a damn good reason for them to try (oh how Cannon tries) to stay apart.

If they have sex, if they’re discovered as homosexuals…they will be killed by the PTB. That makes the situation pretty explosive, yeah?

V: Um, I’ll see your “pretty explosive,” and raise you a nuclear explosion of hotness:


V: So in terms of forbidden romance, this is kind of like the Holy Grail, then. Tell us more about the world Blondie and Cannon have to survive. And what inspired you to set the story in that landscape?

RW: They year is 2070. The world Cannon and Blondie live in is bleak, cold, unfeeling. One’s worth is pretty much tied to maintaining one’s place in the Company’s machine and your ability to procreate. Do your pre-appointed job, lead a bland ‘Breeder’ life…no hope for anything better.

I created this particular dystopian world because I knew I wanted the story to be M/M, and I’d just finished reading books like Hunger Games and Divergent. I wanted to go there, but I wanted it to be a hot, bad ass romance. So, Sary and I call In His Command the erotic Hunger Games for adults. *Laughs*

V: Speaking of landscape…not to go off-thread here, but OMG YOU GUYS…LOOK at those abs!

BLONDIE-DONEV: Okay, Rie. *Attempts to recover from fan-girl flail by using serious journalism face* Final Question.

You’ve said before (and I think a lot of my colleagues in the publishing industry would agree) that M/M romance / erotica is NOT always intended for a male audience, or even strictly an LGBT one. On that note, who do you see as the “ideal” reader for this book?

RW: Yes, I *love* this question…or even this train of thought. The latest ‘episode’ was my hubs asking “Women really read these books?”

Me, as usual: *Snort, Snort, Chuckle* “YES WOMEN READ THEM! Women looooove them.”

I can really only speak for women on this, to be honest. I started with slash fan fiction, and a hell of a lot of other female M/M readers did too. However, I think this particular series could have broad appeal: in addition to the uber hot sex, there’s war, intrigue, a complex plot and two very strong male leads….

V: I agree. It makes complete sense, especially looking at these pictures. (And I have to admit, I’ve been looking at them more than is probably appropriate.) It really IS 2x the hotness, passion and masculinity that we’ve come to love as readers of hetero romance, isn’t it? And that CANNOT be a bad thing.

RW: *Laughs* Exactly. That’s what I always say: why settle for one alpha stud when you could have two?

V: Or three, for that matter. Why limit ourselves, right?

RW: *Winks, points to her other books, which I suspect are just as sexy as IN HIS COMMAND*

Oh, snap! It looks like that’s all the time we have for today! Sorry to leave you all wanting more, but that’s kind of how quickies work. *Sniggers immaturely*

Once again Rie, thanks for joining us today for the de-virginizing of my brand new blog series, the Quickie Interview.



IN HIS COMMAND by Rie Warren is a groundbreaking first for the New York publishing world. Garnering the attention of readers who are hitting this hardcore dystopian novel like a gateway drug to m/m erotica, IN HIS COMMAND is shaking up genres and scuffing out ‘normal’ gender pairings.

Charleston, SC – 08/16/13 Southern erotic romance writer Rie Warren plays outside the box with her first male-male romance. IN HIS COMMAND is the debut in her Don’t Tell series, published by Grand Central Publishing/Forever Yours.

In this first futuristic installment, readers crawl inside the head of Commander Caspar Cannon. The battle-hardened militarist has one goal: to make it through the Revolution with his secret intact.

Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell is alive and well in the year 2070. After two devastating ELEs, a new regime has forged an oppressive international government. The Company promotes heterosexual relationships for the good of population regrowth while persecuting homosexuals through their ongoing Breeder campaign. A top commander, Cannon joined the Corps to fly under the radar. He’s tasked to escort a high-level executive to a secret bunker when a revolution rips through the territories.

Nathaniel Rice is the man of the hour—in Cannon’s fantasies and in Company politics. His sights are set on Cannon. The two men, one a dedicated Corpsman, the other the heir to power, have one thing in common.

They want each other even if it means the hanging rope.

Warren’s dystopian m/m novel is completely unique, and she totally proves how talented she is at writing romance. The author’s work is edgy and daring, and readers will agree — hands down — that this first installment in the Don’t Tell trilogy is unlike any other futuristic book on the market today. ~RT Book Reviews, TOP PICK!

In His Command is widely available on Amazon, iTunes, and Barnes & Noble.

About the Author

RieWarrenA lover of all things male-male, Rie chuckles when asked if women really do read male-male romance novels. Her answer is a raucous laugh and a nod in the direction of In His Command. Yes they do. Hailing from the rocky seascape of Maine, Rie did her time at ISU, tore it up at Glasgow School of Art in Scotland, and finally settled in South Carolina’s lowcountry—a setting many of her books revolve around. She’s gung-ho about equality, and writing hot romance within stories that transcend the usual markets.

For more information about In His Command and her other work, please visit www.riewarren.com. You can find her on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and beyond. She loves nothing more than chatting with readers and sharing a laugh. You can also contact Morgan Doremus at Forever Yours or her agent, Saritza Hernandez to book blog spots: morgan.doremus@hbgusa.com, saritza@corvisieroagency.com


One thought on “Everyone Has Time for a Quickie…Interview: with Rie Warren, author of IN HIS COMMAND

  1. I just finished reading this, and I have to say… READ IT!!!! Rie reminds me of eary WARD with every turn of the page! While this is a M/M love story – its just THAT – one of the best love stories I’ve read! The world she’s designed is creative, unique, intriguing and suspenseful! I’m an Utopian kinda girl – like one of our characters – and the story is fantastic! I haven’t cried in a story since Z and Bella – but I cried 2 or 3 times in this story, and not from pointless angst, just to rip your heart out, its LOVE – its fighting for everything you want despite impossible odds, its impossible love and what that journey would be like for those not willing to ever give up! I know some of you read so much erotic romance – its starting to get a bit stale…you know what I mean! But,reading this M/M love story is a different flare/flavor of romance and whats arousing and erotic to men – real men! Not trashy, or pornographic in my opinion. You will be so pleasantly surprised – and so hotly anxious to read more of her work! Romance Top Pick? Gateway book to MM romance – ABSOFUCKINLUTELY! **sorry church ladies**

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