7 Questions with Elle Lothlorien: On Gilding the Lily Pad

For my latest 7Q interview, it is my esteemed pleasure to introduce the epically fabulous and
pants-wettingly hilarious bestselling indie author, Elle Lothlorien!

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Elle Lothlorien, Amazon Bestselling Author of The Frog Prince, among other FABULOUS and FUNNY books.

(Note: If you’ve been reading this blog for more than…oh, about five minutes, you’ll know that Elle is my all-time favorite indie author, as well as a great source
for publishing information and witty platitudes galore. If you’re new to the world of V, please make sure to check out some of my other Elle-inspired posts.)

Ok, enough fan-girling out on my part. Let’s get on with the interview Q’s!

V: Tell me about yourself.

EL: I am a self-published, bestselling author of six novels—five romances and one thriller. I own a teenage son, a college-age daughter and a 10-pound red dachshund named Bacon Bourgeois, Legendary Wiener. I’m also a former military brat. I was born in Germany and spent my childhood in such far-flung places as Puerto Rico, Charleston, S.C., Italy, and Washington D.C. Sadly, the only language I ever became semi-fluent in is English. Laughter is good for you, so I like to make people laugh. Barring that, I like making people angry. I enjoy it when people get so angry at me that they cry. Then I point at them and laugh and I feel better.

V: Tell me about your (latest) book.

EL: In 2010 I wrote a book called The Frog Prince, which is about a Denver sex researcher named Leigh Fromm who meets the man who would have been the king of Austria—if the monarchy there hadn’t been abolished in 1918. Gilding the Lily-pad is NOT a sequel to The Frog Prince; rather, it is what’s called a “companion novel.” This means that it follows the same storyline as The Frog Prince, but it’s told from Roman Lorraine von Habsburg’s point of view instead of Leigh Fromm’s.

V: What inspired you to write THIS book?

EL: For three years, I have resisted hundreds and hundreds of pleas from readers begging me to write a sequel to The Frog Prince. I didn’t think there was much of a story left to tell and always declined. In May of 2013, I received a “friend request” on Facebook from a woman named Lauren Sullivan, who had just read (and loved!) The Frog Prince and wanted to know if I was planning to write a sequel. Before I could respond, she also suggested that she would also love to see something from Roman’s point-of-view…and so the seed for Gilding the Lily-pad was planted. On June 26, 2013, I began writing it and on October 14, 2013, I completed it. Long before it was done, I fell in love with the characters all over again and decided to go on to write The Frog King. What can I say? Never say never.

V: What’s your favorite thing about your main character?

EL: Roman Lorraine von Habsburg is outwardly a smart, sexy, savvy guy…but he’s still a guy. Which means that while he’s an excellent posturer, his internal dialogue is one of doubt and second-guessing (just like every other human being on the planet). In The Frog Prince (told from Leigh’s point of view), it seems as if he’s got his shit together and everything he does appears effortless. Once you get into his head in Gilding the Lily-pad, you realize that it’s just not so. Roman’s observations of himself and the world are very different from Leigh’s, but are no less hysterical or touching or infuriating at times. I also think Roman is very good in bed. (This is pure speculation since he doesn’t actually exist.)

V: If you could ask your readers to picture ONE thing in their minds, as they’re reading, what would it be?

EL: Hot sex with Roman Lorraine von Habsburg? Wait, no—too easy. Typically readers have already read The Frog Prince before reading Gilding the Lily-pad, so I would ask them to keep in mind how drastically different the same scene or conversation might look or sound when seen through another person’s eyes or heard through their ears. Although the events and the dialogue whenever Leigh and Roman are together are the same in each book, the interpretation of these events or conversations can be drastically different, depending on whose point of view it is.

V: What is the biggest obstacle you’ve had to face on the road to publication? (Also, how did you survive?)

EL: After the final nail went in the coffin back in 2008, when it was clear my thriller would not be picked up by a New York publishing house, I parted ways with my agent and fell into a mild but long-term depression that lasted almost two years, during which time I didn’t write a word. I survived by losing 190 lbs in the form of my worthless ex-husband and rebuilding my life. When I finally emerged on the other side, I sat down and began writing again. To my surprise, I ended up writing a funny novel—what would later become The Frog Prince. And the rest is history. (Does three years qualify as “history”?)

V: If you had to give one piece of advice to yourself (as an author) ONE year ago, what would it be?

EL: DON’T write a book in 37 days; it’s very, very bad for your health. One year ago this week I was feverishly typing up the last few chapters of Alice in Wonderland while trapped in the middle of Hurricane Sandy in New York City. Once I returned home to Denver and published the book on November 7th, it took me almost a month to shake my Gollum-like appearance and to stop muttering, “What is Alice, precious?”

V: Where you can be found/reached?



Facebook Author Page

Author Website 

V: And MOST IMPORTANTLY, where can we buy this book?

Elle’s Other Books 


Thanks again, Elle, for agreeing to do a 7Q interview with me today! Good luck with Gilding, and I think I speak for a lot of Roman fans when I say I can’t WAIT to read The Frog King!


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